No Bucks for a Month (at least?)

July 22, 2012

So since undergrad (minus a few months during pregnancies and nursing) I have been a DAILY Starbucks drinker. Yes, daily. I know. Some of you are probably already adding up the cost of those drinks and thinking about the student loans I could have paid back with that money. Now, wait until I tell you those drinks were not plain, brewed coffee, but rather mochas (in the early days), cafe lattes (sugar free- you know, the dieting days) and, for the last five years, frappucinnos. Yes, and now some of you can fall over thinking about the fat, calories and sugar I have consumed over the past 10 years. So, I think we can pretty much call this an addiction now. I mean, not in the DSM-IV sense or anything, but, in the “wow, passing the Starbucks at Target up is going to be like disowning my family” sense.

So why now? Recent health concerns have me all over articles in regards to our food industry and our health. Namely, Robin Williams has been a big influence in regards to a number of changes I’ve been trying to make in the diet of my family (ok, the kids and I, my husband will take some work- love you!) Of course, the biggest motivator in my decision to give up my love affair with Mr. Java Chip Light is this article: something I will need to refer to daily in my quest to give him the cold shoulder.

Interestingly enough, as I look up at my bookshelf I have a book entitled How Starbucks Saved My Life. I’ve never read it, but based on Food Babe’s review, I’m pretty sure it can’t be discussing the coffee.

Encouraging words will be appreciated friends!

p.s. I wrote this AFTER drinking my LAST java chip light. He is staring at me. I’m not inviting him back tomorrow.


2 Responses to “No Bucks for a Month (at least?)”

  1. Kelly said

    I am 100% supporting you from Milwaukee. You have even inspired me to do the same with my “addictions” and go without diet coke and McDonalds for a month. I’ll keep coming back to see how you are doing!

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