Day 2

July 24, 2012

Well, apparently Big Boy and Little Boy did NOT receive the memo that today was Monday, and Mommy was not going to be getting her usual rush of energy and would thus need a relatively agreeable staff in office. Big Boy decided that, despite having had 3-4 hour nap yesterday, today would be a nightmare by 5 o’clock without one, and Little Boy decided that the only way to be happy was pulling Mommy’s hair.

Interesting how when you change one thing, you realize how many other things in your life that you need to work on. Such as the fact that naps do not occur at the same time, and that they often don’t occur at all without that 2/3 o’clock car ride to Starbucks. And that there is very little chance of getting just that little bit of quiet “get my sanity” back time without this addictive ritual! I guess all of that is for another blog!

DId I cheat today? Well, no, I guess not. Today was the day of Mr. Homemade Go-Granola Java Chip Frap.

You see, despite having gone to Starbucks just about everyday the past few years, I own a frappucino machine. Husband gave it to me for Christmas in 2010. I used it probably five or six times. The last time I used it was nearly right after Little Boy was born. It had a been a long day and I hadn’t gotten out and I was trying to avoid caffeine but didn’t like Starbucks take on the decaf java chip. Anyway, it exploded all over the kitchen and when Husband came home I was in tears.

Despite that last bad experience, this afternoon I pulled it down from the top of the shelf and got out my almond milk, organic chocolate chips, regular coffee (I haven’t even looked into the organic stuff), the cocoa powder (bad choice), Xanthan Gum (purchased from Whole Foods yesterday) and made some ice. Ok, short take, tasted like coffee/chocolate flavored ice water? I think I overdid it on the cocoa powder. Oh, and I added Hersey Syrup (yes, yes, high fructose corn syrup- will need to look for a replacement for that). The grand sugar total, had I actually consumed the whole thing would have been about 18 grams of sugar. Since I drank about 3/4 of it, it was actually about 13.5. And it tasted like it. I think if I used more almond milk (which, as I’ll discuss later, is difficult to find sans carrageenan as well!) and no cocoa powder, it would taste a lot better. The caffeine helped. I’m not ready to give that up. Little Guy isn’t nursing much, but he is still waking up every two hours.

So, it wasn’t Starbucks and it was less than half the sugar of a Starbucks. Now it only it TASTED like Starbucks.

It was a long day. Wondering if Husband will agree after a few days that I am much sweeter with sugar!

Tomorrow this is on the menu. MIL brought a bunch of mulberries and blueberries to make smoothies for Big Boy, so after I make his, I’ll throw the other ingredients and try it out. It seems healthier than today’s concoction at least!


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