Day 10

August 1, 2012

I am learning that my diet does not need to be 80% sugar! I think I’ve realized that part of the battle is not keeping tempting sugary stuff in the house, along with thinking about the inflammation that it causes when I am tempted.

It was a celebration evening as it was Husband’s birthday today. Since it was “Kids eat free” night at Chili’s, we decided to dine out. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices on the kid’s menu! Now, since Big Boy and Little Boy can’t read, and I can still get away with ordering for them, it was easy to make healthy choices for their meals. I think I have realized that, as a parent, while I need to give the kids freedom, I also have a responsibility to steer them in the direction of healthy choices in their lives. There were a lot of options for entrees and side dishes on the menu- mac and cheese, pizza and chicken nuggets included. Big Boy didn’t really seem to notice, so I gave him the choice of grilled chicken or a grilled chicken sandwich. He chose the sandwich. Then I gave him the option of broccoli, mashed potatoes or pineapple. He chose mashed potatoes. All in all, better than what he would have had at, say, Burger King. For Little Boy I got grilled chicken, broccoli and shared some of Big Boy’s mashed potatoes. Now, as a parent, I also need to be an example of healthy choices. I would much rather have had fries with my wrap, but broccoli was also offered, so I thought I better go for it. The ranch dip made it a bit more tolerable (not a big broccoli fan). Nice how trying to be a good example works in my favor by increasing my fruit and vegetable intake!!!

We all indulged in a Birthday Brownie Sundae (no they did not sing- I know my followers were wondering about that :P!). I noticed that I actually enjoyed a small amount more than I used to. 10 days ago I would have wanted the whole thing! But it was as if a little bit went a long way!

I did end up AT a Starbucks today, but only because we were at Target and Big Boy spilled his whole snack on the floor, so I bought a bag of organic dried apple slices at the Target Starbucks cafe- no java chip. I did make my own coffee today.

I AM hoping that my appreciation for a small amount of sugar is due to decreasing my overall sugar intake versus a general lack of appetite. Headed to a few more doctors/tests in the next few weeks.

I’ve got a dental cleaning tomorrow. HE’LL be happy to hear about my lifestyle change 😛


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