Day 11

August 2, 2012

Since I’ve been making my own java chip fraps, I decided now would be a good time to do some cost calculations. I’m curious how much I may or may not be saving by making my own fraps! I won’t bore you with ALL the calculations, but, let’s break it down…
chocolate chips- 11 cents per frap
chocolate sauce- 35 cents per frap
milk (I do about 3/4 cup, half almond milk, half cow milk)- 8 cents cow milk, 20 cents almond milk
xanthan gum- 6 cents per frap
ice- $0

First of all, WOW! WHAT am I going to do when BIg Boy and Little Boy get math homework. Those calculations took me like a half hour!

Aside from that… grand total of….80 cents per frap. Now, that doesn’t include time, but when you figure in gas money, it probably equals out. So, at 4.86 for a Starbucks java chip, I am saving 4.00 a day, 28 dollars a week, etc, etc.

That’s good news!


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