Day 16- much more than coping

August 7, 2012

I’ve decided this is a VERY good thing. I’m not saying I won’t grab a bucks every once in awhile (AFTER the month is over), but making my fraps is much more satisfying despite the time it takes in making it and dishes to do.

A not good thing- trying to manage healthcare issues. I like doctors. I really do, in general. I guess when you are put into an inpatient setting, you kind of have to hand over your life to them, so they become people you look up to and trust. Now, years later, I am finding them somewhat frustrating. I get it- they have their own lives, and they know more about biology than I do. Sometimes though, it feels like they don’t know THAT much more. I feel like the symptoms I have may concern the doctors, but since they don’t have blood tests or other tests that point to what’s causing them, they dismiss me. Or, they want me to do tests that don’t really relate to the concerning symptoms before they’ll see me about what I’m concerned about. I managed to get ahold of an actual person (versus an automated message) today to schedule one test, but it wasn’t even a test that I feel is going to help anything- just something for the heck of it, but one of the doctors wants it to have a baseline. I was too frustrated from trying to get in touch with people or get appointments last week to start trying to contact other doctors today. Perhaps tomorrow!

On a positive note, the kids and I had a much better day. I think it’s because I planned ahead. Note to self: plan ahead for Mondays!!!!!!


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