Days 17 and 18

August 9, 2012

So, having been somewhat obsessed about chemicals in and on our food, discovering the pear tree in our backyard was a source of great excitement for me! It’s like our own source of organic fruit- at least for a short time! We don’t spray anything in our yard, so I know exactly where the pears come from and what is NOT on them! If only I knew how to can!

Today I made pear bread with them. Granted, I used white flour and sugar, but I’ve recently discovered how satisfying it is to bake from scratch! I’m hoping our weekend guests will enjoy the bread, and I feel good giving it to the boys.

Homemade frap again today. Tomorrow will be a bit long, as we have no concrete plans. Based on the weather report, it will be an indoor day, so I’m thinking the library and Trader Joes (for Saturday night dinner shopping). However, if the sun shines, we can replace the library with the park. I’m also planning on scheduling another procedure tomorrow. Not one that I think will be terribly helpful, but one that the doctor won’t see me again without completing.


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