Days 19-24 (No, I’m not a slacker at all, am I!)

August 15, 2012

So the “need” for Starbucks has pretty much disappeared. There are days when I think “Oh, that sounds nice.” or “That sounds convenient.”, but the “Wow, I don’t want those creepy chemicals in my body.” voice has thus far been louder.

In other news, I have yet another doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’m not terribly optimistic that this doctor is going to be any more helpful than any of the others, in fact, I’m guessing she’s going to try and put me on ANOTHER drug. What is it with doctors and handing out drugs like candy?! Anyway, I am still going to see her, as I think, in the back of my mind “One of these doctors should make the connection between al of these symptoms and tell me what is going on.”. Yet, I don’t think that is the case, unless all of these specialist would come together, as they do at Mayo or other major medical centers. Of course I don’t want things to bad enough that I would go someplace like that, but I wish that was what our regular medical system did- doctors talking to doctors- specialist working together to put pieces together. Do people have to be REALLY sick to get that kind of service?

Ok, rant over, for now.

I’ve also scheduled various other tests and appointments that my general doctor ordered, so go me.


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