Day 25-26

August 17, 2012

Wow! I didn’t really think about it being 20 days. Isn’t there a saying about 20 days and habits or something?

So, the good news from my dr. appointment is, no new meds prescribed- yay! I do need to begin some supplementation, but that doesn’t bother me as much, for several reasons. And, if blood work comes back the way the dr. expects, it could explain at least SOME of my symptoms. If not, I’m back to square one.

I made apple pear bread yesterday, with apples and pears from our backyard. I think I should have used the recipe for the other pear bread I made, as this one turned out a bit dry, but I guess this baking thing is all about experimentation! I also made our own mac and cheese tonight with whole wheat pasta, some butter, asiago and romano cheese and milk. The boys (ALL 3!) ate it with no problem, so yay! It was pretty good. Maybe not as cheesy, but also much less salty!

On the frap front, I may splurge a bit with Gloria Jeans this weekend. My husband is giving me a “me” afternoon by watching the boys while I get my hair done, and I’ll be at the mall. I think one day a week is not a bad deal. Last weekend was kind of sugar-full, but I think that’s what I need to learn- moderation! A day, or weekend of extra sugar isn’t going to be the worst thing. It’s the day in day out that is going to most affect my health!


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