Day 29

August 20, 2012

Wow! Tomorrow= one month!!!! Albeit one of the shorter months 😛 Don’t worry though, faithful readers. For next month I shall start yet another month of no Starbucks as well as add an additional goal.

But, before I announce my new endeavor, I NEED to have a plan for tomorrow! It is yet another Monday, and, as I’ve said, Mondays without a plan are NEVER a good thing!

Big boy and Little boy (of course Little Boy) will need naps tomorrow. I need to do dishes and laundry, and I need to come up with something to cook for dinner. I also need to pick up a prescription. Dishes usually get done in the morning (with a little help from Disney or Nick Jr.). Laundry will hopefully be completed during nap time. We need to take a trip to the store for the prescription. I’m hoping I can tackle that after lunch, and hopefully the boys will fall asleep afterwards. Tomorrow is SUPPOSED to be nice, so I’m thinking it will be park time in the morning. If the weather fails me, I think we’ll head to the mall to mail some things and ride the train.

New goal setting tomorrow night!!!!!!!!


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