Let’s drag out this goal setting thing

January 19, 2013

So, as to not overwhelm my unorganized, easily over-stimulated self (and because I’m typing in a different location that isn’t very comfortable on the wrists :P) I’m going to address the steps I plan to take to achieve my goals one day, one goal at a time.

One of my goals is to help Big Boy learn sight words which is leading towards a general goal of having him reading by kindergarten. I have a couple of things I want to try this month. When it comes to sight words, I plan to bring his attention to them during our daily book reading and to try this strategy, as spatulas are very popular in our household right now. This month, I would also like to try working on syllable recognition in a round about sort of way. I have seen a few strategies on Pintrest (which, to be perfectly honest has partly inspired this whole need for goals, organization, etc) that I plan on trying such as clapping out the syllables in words and touching the hand, elbow and shoulder.

Let me be clear that I know that Big Boy does not NEED to be reading by kindergarten, and if he really seems to resist this, I will certainly let it go. It’s just that I believe he CAN, and I want to encourage reading, as I think it is a skill and hobby that can serve him in SO many ways!!!


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