Out the window

April 29, 2013

And then there are those days that the goals just fly out the window!!!

All three of my men seem to be cycling through a rough cold with a bad cough/congestion, which have made for some rough nights at the house!  So, Fridays list?  Well, laundry got done, as did dishes, but everything else just kind of escaped me!  And it seems that, for me, once I have one off day, I just kind of…get out of gear and there goes the next two or three days.

So I’m hoping the start of the new week helps to re-kick start my list making/completing!  Tomorrow:

Call both doctors AND lab to make sure that people actually sent orders this time!!!  (frustrating!!!)


Load of laundry

A jog with the jogging stroller either to the park or to school to pick up Big Boy- and short list of daily toning exercises.

Make hotel reservations


I’m not particularly fond of the evening format on the children’s channel that we watch, but it is the only time the Berenstain Bears show is on, so I have learned to tolerate the somewhat annoying song that is sung before the beloved bears come on.  The song is stuck in my head tonight though, and I would much rather have the song that the cute little chicken in the morning sings, especially because Little Boy has started to try to sing it and is so darn cute!!!

List making proved to be successful today!  Laundry was completed (though on a technicality), dishes were done, doc. was called, exercise was completed (though somewhat frustratingly, as youtube was acting up), groceries were purchased (great deal on mangoes!), outside time was had, the zoo game was at least attempted and someone was called.  The facebook message was not written, BUT I did not scroll though facebook posts more than once today, and I think I can keep that up!

Tomorrow!  Tomorrow is a BUSY day.  Music classes for both boys and a field trip for Big Boy which I will chaperone.


One load of laundry


Check that lab received all orders

Small list of daily exercise

Email someone

Make a haircut appointment for boys!

Make hotel reservations

And now it’s time to say…Goodnight!

And…another long hiatus.  So, after a mix of personal health issues, family health issues, and a general sort of laziness, here I am, posting yet again in hopes of getting myself back on a somewhat continuous, organized, goal oriented path.

And I think I’m going to have to start REALLY small here- like, thinking about tomorrow small.  While I have long term sorts of goals, I find myself becoming completely overwhelmed and frustrated when I go a day or more without feeling like I’ve gotten closer to these goals.  Apparently I’m not someone who can go month by month or week by week.  I’m needing day by day here.  I need a list.  I need to see checked off items, even if they include “brush hair”.

One of my goals tomorrow is to limit my facebook time.  I am VERY tempted to delete facebook from my phone, but I do use the messaging system to meet up with other Mom’s.   But, I fear I am becoming the mom with her eyes on the phone TOO MUCH!  I am missing out on precious moments of my boys’ lives just to read about someone checking in at the grocery store.  Tomorrow I am going to compose an email to the moms’ I regularly meet up with asking them to email or text me if they need to get ahold of me.   Then, tomorrow night, I will delete the app.

My next goal is to go grocery shopping strictly for fruits, veggies and meat.  I am going to take the boys to a fairly new market, and we will choose one new fruit and one new veggie to try.

I will also complete one load of laundry all the way through and dishes (that is a constant).

I will call a doctor to order a blood test.

I will introduce a game to my boys from Pinterest that isn’t forcing them to learn colors, numbers, letters, reading- just pure fun!  Hopefully it goes over well.

I will get the boys outside for a least one hour.

I will either workout using a youtube video or take the boys on a walk in the jogging stroller (depends on the temperature!)

Finally, I will stay away from the chocolate chips!!!  I am getting enough sugar via my daily coffee  (grr…such a difficult vice to get rid of) and sometimes cookie or other sweets I have with the boys.

I will call someone special to tell them I love them!

I will make a conscious effort to remember what (or should I say who!) is truly important!