Yay, Hooray, we had another fantastic day, and now it’s time to say…

April 26, 2013

I’m not particularly fond of the evening format on the children’s channel that we watch, but it is the only time the Berenstain Bears show is on, so I have learned to tolerate the somewhat annoying song that is sung before the beloved bears come on.  The song is stuck in my head tonight though, and I would much rather have the song that the cute little chicken in the morning sings, especially because Little Boy has started to try to sing it and is so darn cute!!!

List making proved to be successful today!  Laundry was completed (though on a technicality), dishes were done, doc. was called, exercise was completed (though somewhat frustratingly, as youtube was acting up), groceries were purchased (great deal on mangoes!), outside time was had, the zoo game was at least attempted and someone was called.  The facebook message was not written, BUT I did not scroll though facebook posts more than once today, and I think I can keep that up!

Tomorrow!  Tomorrow is a BUSY day.  Music classes for both boys and a field trip for Big Boy which I will chaperone.


One load of laundry


Check that lab received all orders

Small list of daily exercise

Email someone

Make a haircut appointment for boys!

Make hotel reservations

And now it’s time to say…Goodnight!


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