Out the window

April 29, 2013

And then there are those days that the goals just fly out the window!!!

All three of my men seem to be cycling through a rough cold with a bad cough/congestion, which have made for some rough nights at the house!  So, Fridays list?  Well, laundry got done, as did dishes, but everything else just kind of escaped me!  And it seems that, for me, once I have one off day, I just kind of…get out of gear and there goes the next two or three days.

So I’m hoping the start of the new week helps to re-kick start my list making/completing!  Tomorrow:

Call both doctors AND lab to make sure that people actually sent orders this time!!!  (frustrating!!!)


Load of laundry

A jog with the jogging stroller either to the park or to school to pick up Big Boy- and short list of daily toning exercises.

Make hotel reservations


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