Party Party Party

May 7, 2013

So today I am embracing the unorganized but ambitious side of myself!   Big Boy’s birthday is around the corner, and even though I told myself last year that we would keep it simple this year, I couldn’t help but start planning a party for him and his friends!  And, of course, that means starting to plan party favors, decorations, and food.

Do I have other tasks I need to complete?  Yes.  But, I can’t help but drop a few other things and work on this.  And one good thing about having a party at our house means I am forced to either keep things continuously clean, or, do a MASSIVE cleaning right beforehand, which lasts at least a week or two.    Also, it is going to take place mainly outdoors, and in very happy news, both Big and Little Boy have been TREMENDOUSLY cooperative in playing outside nicely while I do some lawn tasks!  Yay!  They pick the dandelions, help drag sticks to the yard waste can, etc.  I hope this lasts through their teenage years!

But, nevertheless, tomorrow’s list:


Some sort of dinner

Two loads of laundry

Call doc to get results of blood test

Call in Rx refills

Outside time!!!


Funny, isn’t it, that when I google “unorganized mom blog”, I find mainly abandoned blogs?  I suppose it’s just my need to feel that there are others out there like me.  I want to know that there are more moms without their days scheduled by the hour.  I want to know that there are moms out there that still have to rock or drive their toddlers to sleep for naps or the night.  I want to know that there are moms also having a hard time keeping a child entertained when trying to get dishes, laundry and meals done and rely on sprout or nick jr. for an hour or two.  That their children often engage for 5 to 10 minutes in prepared pinterest, etc activities and then ask to watch a show or have a snack.

Several mom blogs that I have bookmarked are written by women that I want to aspire to be- mainly for my kids’ sakes!   They wake up early and get things done.  They exercise regularly.  They have a regular cooking and cleaning schedule, have crock pots and make time for date nights with their husbands.  They go to bed before midnight.  And some of them work outside the house too!

Would I be a better mom if I did all of these things?  Many times, I think so.  I also wouldn’t be me.  But, is it better to sacrifice who you are (and I really do believe that fulfilling all of the above requires a different personality that I happen to possess) to be a better Mom?  Again, many times, I think maybe so.

And yet, here I am, posting at 11:30 at night, probably will not be in bed until midnight.  I drink coffee at night.  I stuff myself into the toddler bed if Big Boy wakes up and I think it means he will be up before 7.  I cook frozen chicken in the microwave, because I’m not sure how to cook more than one thing in the oven if they require different temperatures.   I let the kids snack in the living room, and now we have a few tiny ants, that I’m hoping will go away if we spray outside around the house (ack, chemicals!).  I don’t know, is “who I am” (and I know there must also be positive qualities that involve some of the same personality aspects that contribute to my actions above) helpful or harmful to my motherhood.

A little help?

May 1, 2013

So, I am a huge fan of many of the doctors I have had in the past, but lately, my experience with the medical system has been one of frustration and confusion.  One of the major issues I have had is communication between doctors (specialists) and communication between doctors and my lab!  For the past couple of days, my list has included making sure that my lab orders have been sent and are ready when I go to the lab.  I have worked on this each day, and it has taken three calls to each doctor thus far, with only one order actually arriving at the lab!   Thus, I still cannot cross this item off my list.

Tomorrow’s list:

Get one blood draw completed

Grocery store, Health food store


Load of laundry

Jog or workout

Packing list