Party Party Party

May 7, 2013

So today I am embracing the unorganized but ambitious side of myself!   Big Boy’s birthday is around the corner, and even though I told myself last year that we would keep it simple this year, I couldn’t help but start planning a party for him and his friends!  And, of course, that means starting to plan party favors, decorations, and food.

Do I have other tasks I need to complete?  Yes.  But, I can’t help but drop a few other things and work on this.  And one good thing about having a party at our house means I am forced to either keep things continuously clean, or, do a MASSIVE cleaning right beforehand, which lasts at least a week or two.    Also, it is going to take place mainly outdoors, and in very happy news, both Big and Little Boy have been TREMENDOUSLY cooperative in playing outside nicely while I do some lawn tasks!  Yay!  They pick the dandelions, help drag sticks to the yard waste can, etc.  I hope this lasts through their teenage years!

But, nevertheless, tomorrow’s list:


Some sort of dinner

Two loads of laundry

Call doc to get results of blood test

Call in Rx refills

Outside time!!!


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