Site word tactics

March 4, 2013

I wanted to share a few of the things we’ve been doing to work on site words.  For Big Boy’s third birthday, he received some Do-A-Dots, which are AWESOME if you have not had a chance to use them (   We used them a lot at Christmas when I found various sites providing free pictures that you could color with the Do-A-Dots, and recently I’ve seen pins suggesting other ways to use them.  Based on a pin using the markers to help children identify and match letters, we used them to identify/match site and color words.


It was a short/simple activity and one that he could do somewhat independently (which is often key!).

We also tried this game:  using plain pieces of paper.  As long as I emphasized the “1….2….3……SHOW!!!” aspect, Big Boy really enjoyed this, and it also required him to work on small motor, as he wanted to keep all the cards in his hand as one would in Go Fish.

This week I want to try this game:  and perhaps this:

I’m hoping to try a color versions of these games with Little Boy.

In other news…

One of my main goals this week is to reduce our tv viewing.  I’ll admit- it is SUCH an easy go to when I want to get something done.  Big Boy has a really hard time playing independently, and that is my fault.  So, my goal this week is to help BOTH little men to become more confident independent players (workers, really).  This is not only for my sake (but def. a big part of it- dinner needs to get made, dishes have to get done), but because I don’t want them to think that they can’t come up with their own ideas for play.  This may take a little more flexibility on my part as far as materials/toys I’m going to be willing to get out, and Husband may have to get used to a little extra mess when he gets home!!!  Trying to talk to Big Boy when he watches TV has become impossible, and that’s why I KNOW we need to kick this habit.  Tomorrow, I’m going to start by letting them choose three programs they want to watch during the day.  That said, I think I’d better post my other goals tomorrow night.  I’ve got some “independent activities” searching to do!  We shall see how this goes.  Maybe I should find my headphones.  There could be some screaming and whining involved!

If anyone who reads this blog has any advice on this, please, advise away.