So, we did try out some new site word activities this week in addition to trying to cut down our tv time.  The week started out well.  I gave the boys a choice of three shows to watch Monday morning and we actually only ended up watching two.  And then we had a couple of rough nights, and mommy was tired, and Big Boy was tired.  But if Big Boy takes an actual nap, bedtime doesn’t happen until after 10 or 11!  By the end of the week we were back to too much tv.  I’m talking two hours or more.

I tried to have activities prepared.  We tried the site word/color game in which I labeled three cups with site words or colors and hid a raisin under one.  Big Boy lasted about four rounds before he got bored.  Little Boy lasted a little bit longer, but had eaten enough raisins and was upset when ended the game.  The site word/color parking lot game wasn’t much more successful.

I think one of the toughest parts of being a mom of two has been entertaining them at the same time.  They are far enough apart age-wise that it is hard to find activities that cater to both of their interests.  They also have very different personalities.  Big Boy is my calm reflector and Little Boy is my constant mover dump-it-outer!

I wonder if I’m putting to much emphasis on Big Boy’s learning when I’m planning activities and need to start by catering to Little Boy.  Part of my tendency to cater to Big Boy is my concern that he will be ready for Kindergarten.  I have seen the list of things kids are expected to know by Kindergarten, and it stresses me out!   All I remember about kindergarten is play time!  School is so much more challenging now.  Do I start preparing Big Boy for that? Or do I wait and deal with it when we reach that point?

This week, I think I”m going to try focusing more on shapes and colors versus reading skills.  Maybe Big Boy will stay interested longer if we are doing something he feels more confident about.